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Don’t Forget to Check the Limits on Your Travel Insurance

As a British couple who recently had £2,000 in cash stolen from their hotel safe in Goa can attest, it pays to inspect every clause of your travel insurance policy before you leave for your trip - not during or after, when it could well be too late.

What Dominique and Brett Pattrick discovered when they went to make a claim for the theft was that their policy only covered them for up to £250 of cash so they ending up losing £1750. Their holiday was effectively ruined by this unanticipated loss but if it serves as a warning to other travellers, perhaps their bad luck will at least do some good in the end.

Precious Cargo

It's not just the amount of cash you are likely to be carrying that you need to think about when taking out travel insurance; many policies have limits on the amount that can be claimed for the loss of a single item as well. You need to bear in mind that if you take anything particularly valuable on your trip, you might have to declare it to your insurer to make sure that it will be covered. Items that could easily exceed policy limits include expensive medical equipment, precious jewellery, antique watches and designer sunglasses.

Taking Preventative Measures

Whilst you canít really avoid taking expensive medical equipment on your travels if it is vital to your wellbeing, you can limit the amount of cash you have on you at any one time and you can leave other valuables at home.

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