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Don't Let Industrial Action Ground Your Christmas Travel Plans

You may have spotted the recent reports of proposed airport industrial action across the UK and Europe.

Gatwick, Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa have all hit the headlines recently with stories of potential strike action, which could lead to delayed flights and travel disruption for travellers over the festive season. While it’s always good to be aware of these potential problems, you shouldn’t let them put the brakes on your Christmas getaway plans.

Preparation is key and purchasing some quality travel insurance that includes cancellation cover means you’ll be able to relax in the run-up to your holiday. It’s important to be aware that if you purchase travel insurance once a strike has been announced this would be considered a “known circumstance” and would not be covered on a new travel insurance policy, however any policies bought prior to the announcement would still include cover for this circumstance.


It’s worth making a note that flights usually need to be delayed by 12 or 24 hours before insurance companies will pay out. After this amount of time has passed you can usually do one of two things – wait for the delayed departure to be reinstated and claim back any food and so on that you’ve had to buy in the meantime, or abandon the trip altogether and claim back the cost of your holiday.


If your airline cancels your flight to or from any EU country, and they’re an EU airline, you can expect a full refund on the parts of the tickets not used or you can choose an alternative flight, either on that day or another date that suits you.
If a non-EU airline cancels your flight, your rights will vary depending on the terms and conditions of your contract with them but the majority have an obligation to either get you to your final destination or offer you a full refund.
Remember to check your policy documents carefully as policy benefits vary from insurer to insurer. To find out more about protecting yourself from strike action click here.

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