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Dover Traffic Delays What You

Delays to motorists entering and leaving France over the last few days, could indeed stretch into weeks. Large numbers of people heading on holiday and border control understaffing following the Nice terror attacks, has led to widespread delays.

UK border control operatives were sent to aid their French counterparts, with motorists and holidaymakers continuing to add pressure on the overrun checkpoints. Drivers and passengers were left queuing with no food or water, leading to Kent Police, Coastguards and volunteers distributing refreshments and making access to toilet facilities available.

Many motorists spent the night in their vehicles following 14 hour delays.

Some travellers, however, found fun in the delay, opting to play football and others channelled their inner Wimbledon and played tennis over the A20 carriageway.

Dover Traffic Updates

People looking to travel to and from France are advised to check with the UK Government website for more information and advice and for those on Twitter - @PoD_travelnews.

At present the pressure has eased somewhat on the roads out of the UK, but delays and disruptions are likely to press on into the next few weeks. The British weather is set do its part, with temperatures falling over the following week.

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