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Gatwick Guides Passengers With Navigation Tool

Getting lost in the airport could soon be a thing of the past. Gatwick have introduced a new navigation tool that uses augmented reality to help passengers find their way around the terminals, reducing stress and improving the customer experience to boot.

The clever tech, which simply requires you to download the app on your phone, provides an indoor navigation system – a bit like Google Maps – so you won’t have to ask for directions, check information boards or try to get hold of a member of staff.

As eConsultancy explains, it uses your phone’s camera to show you the view in front of you and then overlays 3D arrows and signs in augmented reality so you can see exactly where you need to be heading!

The system, which is costing around £2.5 billion, will guide you seamlessly to your check-in desk, baggage carousel, departure gate, food halls, security and, of course, the loos!

This will be particularly useful for elderly or disabled passengers or those with accessibility issues, as well as for international passengers who may find it easier looking at a visual map rather than following written or spoken English instructions.

If travellers give their consent, the app may also be able to send them reminders of check-in times and flight departures – plus, it will also help airport staff locate passengers who are running late for their flight and help them decide whether to wait for them or offload their luggage.

For those concerned about privacy, Gatwick has said that only generic information about people within certain zones will be stored rather than anything that could identify them as individuals.

Anything that simplifies the passenger journey and makes the experience of travel less stressful can only be a good thing! Another thing that takes the stress out of travelling abroad is knowing that you have the right travel insurance in place. Why not get a quick and easy quote for your next trip today?


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