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Going Blue: Home Office Hints At A Return To Blue Passports

While much of the outcome of Brexit is still uncertain and undecided, one rumour that has quickly been gathering speed is the possible return of the blue British passport.

According to The Times, immigration minister Robert Goodwill, who was elected in July of this year, has noted possible changes to be made to our iconic passports.

As ‘European Union’ will have to be removed once Britain leaves the EU, calls have been made for the old navy blue passport to be reintroduced as well.

However, he commented that he could not confirm plans. “At this early stage we have not undertaken a detailed cost benefit analysis or made any decisions about what a future UK passport might look like,” he said.

Mr Knight, MP for Solihull, backed the idea, stating: “The blue passport is a symbol of our independence as a strong, proud nation.”

While Mr Knight voted Remain, he continued: "I think this is a clear shift in position. I am very pleased to see that my calls and those of other MPs seem to be having an effect and that officials are now looking at the prospect of reintroducing this great symbol of our independence and our nation."

"I don't see any additional problems or extra cost from changing the colour of the passport, but clearly we can't put on the front of the passport that we are a member of the European Union, because we won't be soon.

"I just think it would be a symbol of our independence as a country and accepting a new era." 

The old blue passports were initially introduced in 1920 but were replaced by the machine-readable European Union-styled passport in 1988.

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