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Google's Trusted Contacts Free App Protects You On Holiday

Secure your peace of mind with Google’s new safety app 

Google is an incredibly trusted brand and so when news broke that they were releasing a free personal safety app, we wanted to share it with you. The app, called Trusted Contacts, allows users to share location information with their chosen friends and family, even when their phone is offline or they can’t get to it.

When would I use it?

The app is geared towards giving independence back to solo and older travellers. Exploring new places can be challenging at any age, but the app can provide a true sense of security for its users as no matter where you are in the world, you will not be alone. 

Perhaps you’re planning a mountain hike on your next holiday? Or maybe you want to go for a walk alone and fear not finding your way back to the hotel? Whether you feel unsafe, lost or have simply realised there’s no signal at the summit, this app can provide peace of mind for you and those closest to you. 

So how does it work? 

Once the app has been installed, you can assign “trusted” status to your closest friends and family. Your chosen contacts will then be able to see your activity status, which includes details like whether you’ve moved recently or are offline. This information is only shared with those you select.

If you find yourself lost or in an unsafe position, you can share your location with your loved ones via the app. If your family and friends are worried about you and can’t contact you, they can also request your location. You are able to ignore this request, but if you do not respond within a pre-set time, your location will be shared automatically with them.

You can start, stop and pause sharing your location at any time – which is ideal for keeping in contact when last-minute flight delays occur. 

Trusted Contacts is currently only available on Android, but given its widespread positive response, we expect an iOS version will be rolled out soon.

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