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Holidaymakers to get INCREASED protection if travel firm goes bust

From confusing ads to credit card scams and fraudulent websites, booking holidays online can leave some travellers with a headache. However, thanks to a bill that is soon to be debated in the Commons, Britons who book their holidays online could soon be receiving increased protection.

According to the Express, the increased protection comes as the result of new legislation that will protect travellers, even if the company they bought the holiday from goes bust.

The new measures will mean that all travellers will enjoy more security – even if they are not buying a package deal. Additionally, flights, hotels and car rental may also be covered.

Travellers will be protected under the Air Travel Organisers’ Licence (ATOL) protection scheme when the new measures come into force in 2018.

ATOL is a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) scheme that aims to keep holidaymakers safe, protected financially and free from the worry of suddenly becoming out of pocket.

It currently protects more than 20 million people each year by providing refunds for flights home in the case of a package travel provider going bankrupt.

Transport Minister John Hayes welcomed the changes, saying: “ATOL was set up for good reason – we go on holiday to relax, not worry about ‘what ifs’. But people who buy their flights and hotels separately sometimes miss out on the protection, and peace of mind that comes with this protection.”

Until the measures come into force, we would advise all travellers to check to see if their holiday is ATOL protected, either by looking in the brochure or checking directly with the company they’re booking with.

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