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Home Office To Update Its Passport Application Process

Reapplying for a passport can be a longwinded process. Whether it’s the endless pages of forms to fill in, or locating your nearest photo booth and spending 20 minutes trying to get an approvable shot, by the end you usually need a holiday! 

Luckily, the Home Office has updated its regulations in order to simplify the process. In fact, it is now so simple that you can even complete the process on your smartphone!

UK travellers can take a passport photo on their smartphone and send the picture in online, rather than completing the traditional and often tedious process that involved multiple prints and postal applications. 

Previously, the photo had to be taken in photo booth machines or by a professional in a retail store. Now, you can send it in yourself (but you do still have to get someone else to take it). So remember not to smile, stay in the centre of the image and take off your glasses, but all in all it’s a much cheaper alternative – not to mention you are less likely to be stuck with an unflattering photo.

Once the Home Office receives the application, it will use facial recognition to crosscheck the photo against its database. The process has raised concerns about cyber-security, but, given that last year Brits wasted an estimated £64m on last-minute passport renewals, the process should leave more money for holiday spending. 

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