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Honesty is Always the Best Policy!

A discount airport parking provider in the United Kingdom recently warned of the dangers of being economical with the truth when buying holiday travel insurance policies. Chris Fryer, of UK Airport Car Parks said that 19% of UK holidaymakers don't buy any kind of insurance before they travel and of those that do, many are untruthful about their medical history or miss out vital details that affect the validity of their cover.

What You Can Do to Avoid Expensive Medical Bills

Always advise your insurer of any and every medical condition from which you are currently suffering or have suffered from in the past. If you have a heart condition for example, make sure that you declare this when asking for a travel insurance quote. The consequences of not doing so could involve having to pay a hefty hospital bill at the end of your holiday.

How Much You Could Lose

If you travel to the Costa del Sol and are unfortunate enough to have a heart attack during your trip, you could be faced with a bill of £15,000 to £30,000 or more for the treatment you receive in a Spanish hospital. With this amount of money at risk, it is vital to ensure that any policy you purchase covers you for all existing medical conditions. If you know you are at risk, you need to let your insurer know. Whilst doing so will almost certainly push up the cost of your policy, the alternative could be far more expensive.

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