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Is The European Health Insurance Card Valid After Brexit?

In the wake of the Brexit vote, rightly so, people are wondering whether their EHIC will still be valid?

The short answer is YES…for now.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows UK citizens to have access to the same free healthcare that is available to the citizens of the EU country they are visiting. Until Britain officially relinquishes its’ membership in the European Union, your EHIC will continue to work.

The purpose of the scheme was designed to allow you to continue your holiday in another EU country, without having to rush back home for medical treatment, should you require it.

The EHIC was never intended to be a one-stop-shop for medical care, merely a stop gap for smaller medical eventualities and as such, medical travel insurance is and always will be the safest approach to take to healthcare when travelling abroad.

Travelling around Europe is likely to be a less fluid proposition given the proposed exit from the EU, but for the time being, your passport will remain valid and the need for a visa stamp is some way off. Driving in Europe is also likely to be amended.

Our tip: If you don’t already have an EHIC and are travelling abroad, apply for one today. They are free of charge and you may be able to reduce the excess on your travel insurance policy.

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