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Lost luggage soon to be a thing of the past with NEW tracking systems

Well, despair no more, because luggage start-up Horizn Studios has invented a range of suitcases merged with smart technology solutions so you know exactly where your case is at all times.

According to Dezeen, the Berlin-based company hopes to bring a new generation of smart luggage to travellers. Among the smart add-ons is a removable and rechargeable battery that can be used to charge phones and tablets, while the luggage itself is fitted with a GPS device.

The GPS system is connected to a smartphone app that you can use to track where your luggage is (although, we’re not sure whether this would be more aggravating than helpful if luggage had been put on the wrong flight!).

Additionally, co-founders Stefan Holwe and Jan Roosen explained the new case also boasts a feature to help you avoid forgetting your luggage. The Horizn Guard Card, which Holwe describes as a proximity alert, puts an end to walking off in the airport and leaving your baggage unattended. Great news if you don’t travel often and are likely to forget how many bags you’ve packed for your trip.

This is definitely a cool device but it shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for quality travel insurance. Why not get a quote with us today?

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