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Man Raises Awareness Of Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is normally associated with women, but a man that was recently diagnosed with male breast cancer is campaigning to raise awareness of the disease. Many don't realise that breast cancer can occur in men.
If a man finds a suspicious lump in his chest, male breast cancer might be the last thing on his mind. But the disease can and does affect men in the same way that it affects women.
Steve McAllister did the right thing when he discovered a lump in chest and he started experiencing discomfort. He visited his GP, and after his chest was x-rayed, he was diagnosed with male breast cancer. His tumour was then surgically removed.
Mr McAllister hopes to erase the stigma surrounding male breast cancer. He said: "A lot of people are surprised that men get breast cancer. Even the pharmacist queried why I was being prescribed anti-breast cancer drugs."
When he was diagnosed with male breast cancer, Mr McAllister was disappointed when he was handed breast cancer leaflets that were only aimed at women. Now he's hoping to help produce leaflets about male breast cancer by providing photographs of his scars and telling his story to other men that are suffering from the disease.
Only around 1% of breast cancer patients are men, so it's perhaps no surprise that male breast cancer hasn't received the same coverage that breast cancer in women has. Though male breast cancer is very rare, it still kills people, so men need to be made aware of it.
If you find any unusual lumps or you start to feel discomfort in your chest, visit your GP immediately, whether you are a man or a woman.

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