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National Vegetarian Week

Hello Veggies the world over.

Tis the time to celebrate all things root, leaf and seed based. For those of you that have, as yet, declined to convert to the Vegetarian way of life, it’s not too late and quite frankly it's quite tasty.

Turning veggie is a lifestyle choice, but, it’s not a particular hardship. Throughout the UK, restaurants, pubs and cafes offer more and more vegetarian options than you can believe. Chain supermarkets have branched out into swanky sandwiches that aren’t solely cheese and onion and even baby crèche’s offer a vegetarian option – not that we recommend dining at your child’s day-care.

As you might imagine, a large amount of vegetarian dining experiences simply involves the removal of the meat additive. Now, for sausage and mash, there’s a clear issue, but given the advent of Linda McCartney foods and all other supermarket branded, soy-based products, you can enjoy vegetarian sausages, burgers (not beef or ham), “meat” balls, mince, chicken substitutes and all manner of replacement meat stuffs. And you know what, they taste GREAT!


The best thing about eating veggie (as you Doctor would attest) is the health benefit. Mince, meaty mince that is, contains so much grease, your frying pan is positively swimming, no matter how ‘low fat’ it claims to be, but try soy mince instead and tell us that you can taste the difference. Yes, flavour is key to your meals, that’s why you choose chocolate over bran crackers, but when it comes to meat replacements, they are there for the texture and protein. It’s the herbs and spices that give your meal the taste and if you or your chef add them in the right ratio, the meal is the same.

That being said, there’s another area of fun to be had; growing your own. Countless supermarkets these days offer small, pre-grown, potted herb plants in their produce section. Basel, Coriander, Mint, even the occasional chilli plant; they’re all there to be had and all it takes is a little water and a touch of sunlight to keep your leafy wonder alive for weeks or even months, if you’re particularly green of thumb.

This week, being National Vegetarian Week, we encourage all of you, non-veggies to challenge yourselves to a full seven days of meat-free living. And to help you in doing so, here’s a link

Our favourite recipe of the day comes from Imogen Molly, a lady after our own heart who, having turned to the veggie-side began to miss Haggis. That’s right, but with the power of creative thinking and invention, she need not miss it anymore.

Have a tasty, healthy and fun week and feel free to let us know how you got on. All the best from, THE place for Over 50s and Pre-Existing Medical Travel Insurance comparisons.

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