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Nearly A Third Of British Travellers Are Uninsured When Visiting India

New research has sparked fresh concern about the number of British travellers journeying to the subcontinent without adequate travel insurance, Source Wire reports.

According to a survey of 1,224 travellers, conducted by Europe EHIC Services, a significant proportion of holiday-makers are failing to make sure they are covered before making a trip. Nearly a third (29%) of Britons travelling to India did not purchase travel insurance, despite some 18% having experienced difficulties there over the past five years. A further 21% did not buy travel insurance when making a trip to Sri Lanka.

The main problems cited by travellers were theft, illness, injuries and travel delays. Figures from Post Office Travel Insurance highlight just how much this could amount to in real money – for example, the surgery costs of treating a broken leg could reach £12,000, whilst an air ambulance from India to the UK could cost up to £100,000.

Paul Havenhand, head of insurance at the Post Office, expressed his concern that the countries where the most issues are likely to arise - including medical treatment or loss of belonging - are also the ones that travellers are failing to get insured for.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for the Europe EHIC Services said that the survey results were "very concerning," and warned that "a lot of Brits do not seem to take their insurance claims seriously."

"Although taking an EHIC with you will cause savings for required medical treatment across Europe, this card does not cover your travel insurance. Both are a necessity if you want to avoid spiralling health costs as a consequence of inaction," they advised.

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