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Only 5% Of Delayed Air Passengers Claim Back Money Owed

Nearly half a million flights were delayed last summer, but a report from Travel Daily News reveals that only 5% of passengers claim back the money that’s rightfully theirs, leaving just under £2 million in unclaimed refunds each year.

In August 2016, FlightStats figures show that close to 4,000 flights were cancelled whilst more than 120,000 suffered delays across the continent. However, the fact that such a small proportion of travellers are filing claims for compensation suggests a lack of awareness and clarity regarding passenger rights and how to successfully claim their money back.

Online legal service, RefundMyTicket.Net, offers its services to these passengers, helping disgruntled holidaymakers make claims for flight delays and cancellations on a no win, no fee basis. Passengers looking for compensation are not required to part with any money to sign up to the service or enter any contractual agreements and the service states that there are no hidden costs - they simply take an 18% commission of the total compensation, should the claim be successful.

RefundMyTicket boasts a success rate of more than 95% - a significant amount considering the revelation in the report that just 15% of those who file a compensation claim independently actually manage to win compensation.

If you were affected by flight delays and cancellations, you could well be entitled to claim compensation if your journey fits specific criteria. The BBC reported that in order to be covered by law, flights need to have departed from an airport in the EU or Iceland, Norway or Switzerland. Alternatively, they need to be run by a UK or EU airline flying to one of the aforementioned countries. Delays also need to be the fault of the airline and last for at least three hours.

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