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Plans To Introduce Safety Ratings For Tourist Hotspots

Newly unveiled measures to introduce safety ratings for tourist hotspots mean that finding the right destination for you is going to be made even easier. 

The top dogs in travel unveiled their plans for a safety rating system last week, set to be implemented across the industry in a bid to boost transparency and trust. 

The move follows a poll conducted by academics from Bournemouth University, which found that 97% of respondents in the UK, US, China, Russia, India, Japan, Germany and South Africa cited safety and security as their main concern. 

As a consequence, industry leaders and travellers alike are calling for clearer warnings for holidaymakers by introducing a ‘Kitemark’-style rating system which would provide clear information to travellers before they book. 

Additionally, according to the Express, tourist hotspots will be ranked by proven security measures to ensure that travellers know that they are not being exposed to unnecessary danger. The move will also include prevention schemes and an outline of the training staff receive in order to respond to an attack.

Far from being any cause for alarm, greater clarity means that holidaymakers can better engage with the locations they choose to visit and travel with peace of mind. Additionally, the changes add an element of transparency, which means that it will be easier for travellers to choose destinations that suit their needs and requirements, rather than just going on the word of the travel agent.

Moreover, every destination, city or location has some danger and risk associated with it. Travelling is one of the supreme pleasures in life – but one risk you don’t need to take is travelling without insurance. Why not find a quote with us today?

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