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Ryanair 'too nice' for their own good as passengers flout their cabin baggage rules

Have you ever tried to sneak an extra big bag onto a flight? Low-cost airline Ryanair is claiming that it has been a “victim of its own niceness” due to passengers trying to slip by with more than their allocated allowance – and it’s time to stop! 

Up until 2013, Ryanair would regularly make its passengers squeeze their luggage into small dimensions and weight dictated by the airline, lest they feel the wrath of a £60 fine. However, in a bid to reinvent itself in its “Always Getting Better” campaign, the company famed for its small seats and stripped-back service, had relaxed the rules and allowed for an extra carry-on bag. 

However, it seems that many passengers have been “abusing the system” in the words of Ryanair director Neil Sorahan and the airline wants “to make sure that people comply with the sizes that we have.” 

"I've seen bags twice or three times the size of what a bag should be going on board and we've just been too nice in relation to that," he said, which in turn is leading to delays. 

He told the Independent that the airline is not throwing out the rule all together but instead are asking customers to “stop bringing the body bags, start bringing the wheelie bags again and we’ll all be happy.”

So what happens if passengers continue to sneak their bigger bags on board? “We’ll have to review this along with a number of different initiatives just to make sure our on-time performance isn’t impacted,” said Sorahan. 

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