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The Medical Conditions Most Travellers Fail To Declare

It's estimated that around 40% of consumers do not realise that they need to declare conditions such as asthma or allergies when it comes to buying travel insurance, an article on AOL Travel reports.

What's more, the Financial Ombudsman Service receives approximately 45 claims each week from people whose insurance claim has been rejected – largely down to their failure to declare an existing medical condition.

With this in mind, the article listed the ten medical concerns that most travellers fail to declare to their insurers. These include:

When asked why they didn't think to mention these conditions, people's reasons include that it happened 'a long time ago', or that they didn't realise it was classified as a medical condition. One example of this is pregnancy, and although not classed as a pre existing condition, if complications with past pregnancies occured, this is something that should be declared. 

Similarly, many people fail to mention that they are currently taking medication, or are unsure why they are taking it in the first place, explained travel insurance expert Beth Macer.

"If you are prescribed medication for treating or controlling a current or previous medical condition then you need to declare the condition to your insurer. Failure to declare your conditions could cause serious repercussions when it comes to making a claim," she advised.

Conditions such as asthma or allergies should be declared even if you have not suffered from symptoms in a long time, and especially if you are prescribed something like an inhaler or EPI pen. As a general rule, if in doubt about any medical condition then mention it to your insurer just in case.

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