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The Safest Airlines In The World

The safest airlines in the worlds have been rated and revealed by 

The company looked at and analyzed hundreds or airline companies the world over to decide which airline is the safest to fly with.

Much of the time, travellers regard pice as first in their thoughts, but when your chosen airline boasts the bragging rights of saftest in the world, it’s a very nice extra.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 airlines for safety throughout the world.

In the number one slot, it’s Australian airline, Quantas. For the 3rd year running!

American Airlines comes a close 2nd.

Dutch airline, KLM is in 3rd, while the rest of list fills out as such;

Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Eva Air (Taiwanese airline), Virgin Australia, United Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa.

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