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The Translation Tool That Will Make Travel Easy

The world is about to change.

Many of you have grown-up with the promise of a device that would translate your words and allow someone of a foreign language to understand you. Star Trek and a variety of sci-fi shows have told us this is possible and you know what, they were right!

Waverly Labs, with their device - Pilot, among other companies are striving to produce and distribute a dual earpiece that is capable of an almost lag-free translation.

Imagine the worth.

Speaking with a new friend, ordering in a restaurant, telling your doctor what’s wrong in the case of an emergency; no more need for specialist translators in the A&E department, no more miscommunications.

And no more phrasebooks!

This remarkable, potentially life saving device is a mere year away and affordable - $199.

Tell us what you think? How would a translation device change your world for the better?

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