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Tourists Urged To Carry Cash When Holidaying In Greece

25th June 2015: 

The Greece debt crisis and looming threat of the country pulling out of the Eurozone has led to tour operators slashing their prices as thousands of package holidays remain unsold. Whilst this presents an opportunity for holidaymakers to book cheap last minute holidays, the UK Government and the British Association of Travel Agents (ABTA) are urging Britons to carry enough Euro notes to cover emergencies and unexpected delays in case Greek banks switch off cash machines.

According to ABTA, approximately 100,000 British holidaymakers are currently in the country, and with much speculation about the possible Greece default; experts believe the banks could turn off ATMs without warning, leaving tourists stranded.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office is on standby to assist Britons in the event that bankruptcy is declared.

ABTA are advising travellers to take out travel insurance as soon as they book their holiday to provide protection in the event of cancellation, although they do not anticipate the need for tour operators to rebook customers a different destination.

* ABTA’s statement on Greece:

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