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Travellers Failing To Get Insured For The Riskiest Destinations

According to a recent article on The Telegraph, travellers are failing to get adequate travel insurance when visiting some of the riskiest destinations on the planet - and are putting themselves at risk as a result.

The Post Office recently conducted a survey which found that 29% of people who travelled to India last year did so without insurance; despite the fact that 18% of visitors to the country came into difficulties at some point during their trip.

After India, the second most common destination for travelling without insurance was Dubai, with 23% of travellers admitting to doing so.

Figures were similar for Mauritius and Sri Lanka, with a respective 22% and 21% of respondents purportedly visiting without insurance - but worryingly, some 21% and 23% of visitors faced issues whilst staying in these destinations.

The study noted that India, Africa and the Indian Ocean area were the destinations where problems such as injury, theft or health issues were most likely to occur. Researchers also found that those under the age of 35 were most likely to be affected, with one third of this demographic admitting to travelling without insurance.

Commenting on the findings, Paul Havenhand - head of insurance at The Post Office - expressed his concern that holidaymakers were travelling to some of the riskiest countries without insurance.

"It is vital to ensure you are comprehensively covered to ensure that you have peace of mind when travelling far away from home," he advised. "Avoid cheap travel insurance deals that could leave you exposed when problems occur."

With the average cost of a long haul holiday claim coming in at £4,859 last year, the case for getting yourself insured rests even higher.

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