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UK has fifth highest rate of childhood diabetes

As an international league table compiled by Diabetes UK revealed that the UK has the world's fifth highest rate of Type 1 diabetes in children aged up to 14 we thought we'd take this opportunity to highlight the symptoms of diabetes and also talk about travel insurance cover for diabetes.

Every year in the UK more than 24 in every 100,000 children under 14 are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes which requires treatment with insulin.

This highlights the importance of knowing the symptoms of type 1 diabetes and how to look out for them.

Diabetes type 1 - The Symptoms

Diabetes type 1 can lead to serious illness and even death if left undiagnosed so it is vital to be aware of the symptoms.

The most common symptoms of diabetes type 1 are known as the four Ts. They are; needing to go to the toilet frequently, increased thirst, extreme tiredness and unexplained weight loss.

Look out for the four Ts in your children

  • Thirsty
  • Toilet (needing to go more often)
  • Tiredness
  • Thinner

 Unlike diabetes type 2 which has been in the news a lot over the last few years, diabetes type 1 is not linked to diet, obesity or lifestyle and it is not understood why diabetes type 1 rates in the UK should be high compared to some of our near neighbours such as France and Italy, where the rate is roughly half that of the UK.

Diabetes and travel insurance

If you, your child or another member of your family has diabetes it's important to get the right travel insurance for your family holiday, even if the diabetes is stable and well controlled.

In order to be fully covered for cancellation or emergency medical treatment you must declare diabetes when you buy travel insurance. There are many side effects and other medical conditions which are associated with diabetes so it's very important to make sure you are properly covered, otherwise you could face the prospect of large medical bills if you fall ill abroad. makes it easy to find diabetes travel insurance, simply declare your diabetes, answer a short series of multiple choice questions and we will present you with a range of specialist travel insurance providers who will be able to cover your diabetes whilst you are on holiday.

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