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White Christmas Thumbnail

4 Places to Go for a White Christmas

If you want to book a trip over the festive period, there are many destinations where it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a white Christmas! Find out more...

Christmas On The Beach Thumbnail

5 Reasons to Spend Christmas Abroad

Why not take a break from tradition this year and head abroad for some memorable merrymaking in the sun? Here's why you should spend this Christmas abroad...

Learning Holidays Thumbnail

The Best Learning Holidays

Learning holidays are the perfect way to pick up a new skill in some of the most incredible surroundings! Here are just a few ideas to get you started...

Croatia Thumbnail

4 Reasons #Croatia Is One of the Most Hashtagged Places on Instagram

Croatia has it all... Natural landscapes, ancient cities and pristine beaches! Discover the top picture perfect spots in Croatia...

Brexit Affecting UK Travel Thumbnail

How will a no-deal Brexit affect your travel in the EU?

Ever wondered what happens to travelling in the EU if we find ourselves in a ‘no-deal’ Brexit scenario? Find out more with Medical Travel Compared.

Visiting Canada In Autumn Thumbnail

5 Reasons Autumn Is the Perfect Time to Visit Canada

Want to tick Canada off your bucket list? Here are five reasons why this autumn is the perfect time to visit!

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