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5 Reasons to Spend Christmas Abroad

5 Reasons to Spend Christmas Abroad

Humans are creatures of habit and at no other time is this more apparent than Christmas. We dig out the same decorations, sing the same carols, cook the same lunch and take the same post-roast snooze on the sofa.

We’re not saying this is bad, but when we follow the same festive format from year to year, all the Christmases start merging into one. So this year, why not take a break from tradition and head abroad for some memorable merrymaking in the sun?

Here are five compelling reasons to book your trip today...


1. Soak up the sunshine (or snow)

We all dream of a white Christmas, but the reality is that there’s a very slim chance we’ll see any of the white stuff on Christmas Day. It’ll be cold and possibility wet and windy, too – suddenly, basking in glorious winter sunshine seems veryappealing. If you want to catch some guaranteed rays, head long haul to Australia or short haul to the Canary Islands. Or, alternatively, if you want to see a real-life winter wonderland, put Austria or Canada on your Christmas wish list.


2. No Christmas politics

Bah, humbug! We know we sound like Scrooge, but Christmas with our families can be very intense. In fact, the festive period is known for family disagreements, probably as we spend so much time in one another’s pockets. We’re so focused on pleasing everyone else on Christmas Day we end up forgetting ourselves – so why not be a little selfish this year and make it all about you?


3. Ditch the dinner

The thought of not tucking into a hearty Christmas dinner may make you recoil in horror, but you can cook a roast any time of the year! Spending Christmas in another country is a chance to immerse yourself in its culture and do things ‘their way.’ Eat crayfish on a beach in New Zealand, sample borscht (sour soup) in Poland, indulge in a goat curry in Jamaica, or try tamales (steamed dough typically filled with meats) in Mexico. Who knows? You might pick up some culinary tips for next year’s feast!


4. Bag a great deal

If you’re flexible with your destination, there are many places which treat the festive period as off peak. This means you’ll find far cheaper flights and accommodation than if you were to travel over summer; it will also be quieter and you’ll use less annual leave, as Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Days are all bank holidays. Try Portugal, Lanzarote, Cape Verde and Gran Canaria, or more far-flung destinations such as Dubai, Vietnam and Malaysia (though be sure to check monsoon seasons).


5. Appreciate Christmas more next year

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so having a festive hiatus this year might help you to enjoy and appreciate Christmas 2019 with family and friends that little bit more.

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