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Best Places to Celebrate a Big Birthday This Year

Best Places to Celebrate a Big Birthday This Year

Birthdays aren’t just for kids, but past a certain age a cake and a clown just aren’t going to cut it. As you approach a milestone birthday, you need to think big – there’s no better excuse for planning a fancy holiday to mark the occasion! Why not take a leaf from the book of our favourite celebrities who only seem to get better with age? There’s no way this bunch would let a big birthday slide by unnoticed…


Turning 50 like Daniel Craig? Learn to scuba dive in the Caribbean

The actor who breathed fresh life into 007 turns 50 this year, so why not celebrate by learning an exciting new skill in a setting that’s truly Bond-worthy? Scuba diving is an excellent low-impact aerobic activity and the bath-tub temperature waters of the Caribbean offers some of the best dive sites in the world – a top destination to gain certification or make the most of your new-found hobby.


Turning 60 like Madonna? Dance the salsa in Havana

If there’s one thing the Queen of Pop does well, it’s throw some shapes on the dance floor – even if she is turning 60 this year. There’s no better place in the world to learn to move with real rhythm than Havana, Cuba, the land of vintage cars, smoky cigars and sultry salsa dancing. Learn this world-famous dance to the sounds of Latin beats before putting your skills to the test in one of Havana’s many salsa bars and nightspots. You’ll be giving Madge a run for her money before you know it!


Turning 70 like Samuel L. Jackson? Admire art and culture in Florence

Samuel L. Jackson is an iconic figure in Tinseltown with a huge portfolio of work to his name, but we were still surprised to hear he was set to turn 70 in 2018. The actor reportedly has a penchant for the finer things in life and was once pictured enjoying a designer shopping spree in beautiful Italy, so why not follow in his footsteps? Florence offers majestic works of art to admire, along with spellbinding architecture around every corner. Plus, the historic centre is small and easy to navigate – ideal if spending too long on your feet is likely to tire you out.


Turning 80 like Diana Rigg? Cruise the Norwegian fjords

If you’re turning 80 this year, you’re not alone – Dame Diana Rigg will be celebrating her 80th birthday this summer. Whether you loved her best as catsuit-clad Emma Peel in the Avengers or as the formidable Lady Olenna in HBO’s Game of Thrones, there’s no doubt that however she chooses to celebrate, she’ll do so in sophisticated style. We’d recommend a magical luxury cruise through the fjords of Norway where you can be wined and dined by talented onboard chefs while soaking up the rugged coastal scenery of the country.

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