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Best ski gadgets

Ski Gadgets

Winter is on the way, and with it comes the ski lover’s favourite time of year. If you’re already dreaming of hitting the slopes and indulging in your favourite pastime, it’s likely you might be after some new kit, designed to maximise your enjoyment out in the snow. But if you’ve decided to let Christmas come early this year and are considering treating yourself to a gadget or two for your next ski trip, where will your money be best spent? Here are a few ideas…

1. A hi-tech helmet

A robust helmet is a must for those who can’t stay away from the slopes yet for many years safety had to come before looking stylish for skiers looking to protect their heads. Fortunately, there is now a range of sleek helmets with all manner of interesting features on offer. Opt for one with an advanced outer shell to protect your head from sharp objects. You might also fancy one with headphones built into the neck roll or one that can sync with your smartphone, allowing you to take calls or play tunes right from the cord.

2. A Go-Pro

Holiday snaps can only go so far when it comes to recreating those once-in-a-lifetime memories. Instead, invest in the latest Go-Pro, one of the top-rated action cameras on the market. This highly reliable camera produces razor sharp images and video with full control over the resolution, frame rate, zoom and every other aspect of filming. Plus, the battery life is notoriously better than most portable dash cams, so you won’t have to worry about it cutting out just as you reach the most scenic part of your cross country ski trip.

3. Cutting-edge goggles

Why deal with goggles that fog or are a nuisance to wear when there is such a choice on the market? Look for a model which takes comfort seriously with an adjustable silicone strap and boasts fog-free technology (yes, that really is a thing now). You can even find pairs with interchangeable lenses, so you can change the colour of your goggles whenever the mood takes you.

4. Handwarmer

A handwarmer might not top the priority list when you’re preparing for a ski holiday, but when you’re facing a long day on the slopes, you’ll be glad you splashed out. Pocket-sized models on the market can offer up to 12 hours of hand warmth, heating up in mere seconds. Most can be plugged into a phone or battery pack for a quick charge if you need a little extra time, and some even double up as other tools, boasting multifunction features such as built-in LED lights. So, if you’re set on staying out in the mountains until dark, at least you’ll have light and warmth at your fingertips.

5. GPS watch

This is the big ticket item on the list as some of the more advanced models can set you back a pretty penny. But for the serious skier, it’s an investment you won’t regret. Top of the range GPS watches boast excellent battery life, up to 200 hours, to ensure you’re not caught short on the slopes. With powerful data-tracking, designed to be quick and accurate, and the ability to download trail maps so you can navigate your way even if your signal gives up the ghost, a good GPS watch will be your new best friend when you’re orienteering this winter. Well, we all deserve one special Christmas gift, don’t we?

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