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They say that to be content in life, we should focus on the journey and not just the destination

A sentiment that anyone who has endured a long-haul flight might question. Whilst modern planes are much more comfortable and offer a wider range of entertainment than they might have in the past, there’s no doubt that the flight can sometimes feel like a challenge with those endless hours stretching out between you and your longed-for holiday.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your air travel that much more pleasant, thanks to the advent of a little thing called technology. The variety of nifty travel gadgets on the market can do wonders for your comfort on board, as well as preventing boredom setting in. However, with limited space for hand luggage, how do you choose which gadgets to take? Here’s what we’ll be packing…

1. Collapsible water bottle

The aircraft’s filtration system results in a drop in humidity in the cabin and, consequently, can easily lead to passengers feeling dehydrated, even on a short trip. Common dehydration signs such as dry skin, sore eyes and irritability can make your flight more uncomfortable than it needs to be whilst NHS advice warns that dehydration can lead to a greater risk of developing the potentially life-threatening condition, Deep Vein Thrombosis, when on board a flight. Instead of having to call the cabin crew over repeatedly to top you up, pack your collapsible water bottle and fill it up after security. That way you can sip frequently throughout your flight. For more information, visit Deep Vein Thrombosis NHS Choices

2. Battery pack

Don’t risk arriving at your destination with a dead phone by making sure you pack your very own source of juice. A fully charged battery pack could prove to be a life saver if you arrive in an unfamiliar country and realise you can’t contact your transfer service or if you experience delays and need to let your hotel know. Additionally, you might want to use your phone to listen to music or watch shows on board a flight – how can you relax knowing your battery might die at any given moment?

3. Kindle

One for those who love to lose themselves in a great book, a Kindle opens up a whole world of reading, neatly contained in one simple and ever-so portable package. Modern models are smaller and slimmer than one paperback, making it the ultimate space-saving choice. However, it is the huge range of reading material this digital wonder can offer which makes it such a popular gadget with the literature-loving travelling crowd.

4. Light-blocking eye mask

Some people can easily head straight into the land of nod no matter where they are, but for others trying to get some sleep on board a plane can be a frustrating experience – particularly when you have no control over when to turn out the lights. A specially designed light-blocking eye mask that moulds to the contours of your face could be the ideal solution to ensuring that not one tiny scrap of light shines through to disturb your slumber – allowing you to decide when to call it a night, no matter what time zone you’re in.

5. Travel pillow

Nodding head syndrome is arguably one of the biggest bugbears for passengers trying to get comfortable on a flight. Just as you’re dropping off to sleep, your head drops and jerks you back into the land of the living. Overcome this annoyance with a portable travel pillow to help you drift off in comfort. Do shop around for this one as, just like regular pillows at home, this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Some people prefer foam, others might find an inflatable option works best. There are also newer models, shaped like scarves, which can serve to prop your head up as you gently fall asleep.

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