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Essential Gadgets For Beach Holidays

A list of gadgets that you should be packing

The world may well be a beautiful place, filled to the brim with spellbinding sights and fascinating destinations, but for some people, a holiday just isn’t a holiday unless a good stint of beach time’s involved. Whether it’s the crystal clear waters of the Dalmatian Coast or the milk-white sands of the Caribbean that are singing a siren song, there are a few key packing essentials for a beach holiday that you must remember to jot down on your holiday list.

However, let’s not forget that this is the 21st century and the days of simply throwing a towel, hat and bottle of sun cream into a beat-up old beach bag are long gone. At least, they are for the forward-thinking traveller who likes to harness the power of technology to make their life a whole lot more interesting, convenient and entertaining.

So, we thought we’d round up a few essential gadgets for your beach holiday, so you can soak up the sun, sand and sea with a few extra bells and whistles you didn’t even know you needed…

1. Sandless beach blanket

Whilst packing a picnic for the beach seems like a romantic idea, the reality can be a little less pleasurable, especially when you find that grain of sand in your carefully made sandwiches. Lucky, then, that the sandless beach blanket has come into existence – a gadget guaranteed to make your beachside experience a lot more comfortable. Material made from multi weave layers means that sand gets trapped underneath the top layer and can’t come back up. Finally, a beach blanket which takes the ‘sand’ out of ‘sandwiches’. Click for more information on the sandless beach mat and where to get yours!

2. Waterproof speakers

Packing an MP3 player or trusty smartphone, laden with playlists, will help you drift away to your favourite tunes with the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. However, these electronic items do have a tendency to be incompatible with water and sand. Invest in a hard-shell waterproof case for these valuable items – you can purchase models which double up as speakers, allowing you to slide your electronic device into a mesh pocket inside, plug it into a standard jack and close the case tight to keep everything safe. Some of these models even float, so whether you’re in or out of the water, you won’t have to be far from a soothing soundtrack.

3. A POV camera

If you’re interested in seeing what’s below the surface with a spot of snorkelling on your beach trip, you might want to invest in a neat Point of View camera to give your family and friends back home the chance to experience the underwater kingdom through your eyes. Whether you’re paddling with turtles in Indonesia or swimming with manta rays in the Caribbean, a good POV camera can be attached to your goggles or sunglasses, no hands required. You’ll never miss out on capturing that perfect moment on film again.

4. E-book reader shield

If you’re not listening to music when enjoying some much needed ‘you time’ on the beach, you might be catching up on your reading. E-book readers are great electronic gadgets for the beach, allowing you to search for new titles at the swipe of a screen whilst doing away with bulky paperbacks. However, they need protection from water, sun cream and all the rest of the beachy residue you can expect to coat it in. Pick up an e-book reader shield which will protect your device from scratches, splashes and those pesky grains of sand.

5. A beach cooler

You might well have resigned yourself to drinking lukewarm beers or sticking to just non-perishable snacks on a day out to the beach. But why not simply invest in a brand new, top of the range beach cooler instead? There are an abundance of advanced models out on the market that utilise technology such as foam insulation to keep your food and drink as cold as possible for as long as possible. Look for a model that boasts over 24 hours of cooling power and you can consign those warm beers to the past.

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