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Fitness Gadgets For The Active Traveller

If the idea of lazing on a beach holds zero appeal, we’d wager you’re the type of traveller for whom staying active is a must. 

However, when it comes to monitoring fitness, even an active traveller can easily take their eye off the ball when on holiday. Not only is it difficult to stick to your regular exercise regime but there’s often a range of opportunities to eat out and try the local cuisine. Fortunately, using the right sort of technology can help you stay as active as possible on your holidays which, in turn, will mean you return from your trip feeling healthy, well-rested and refreshed… And isn’t that what taking a holiday is all about? 

Whether you like to start the day with a sun salutation, pack your schedule full of entertaining outdoor pursuits or simply prefer to get around with plenty of old-fashioned walking, we’ve tracked down the best fitness gadgets on the market to enhance your trip. 

Activity tracker

Whether it’s the ubiquitous Fitbit, Apple Watch or even the Motiv ring that’s caught your eye, this year appears to be the year of wearable tech with plenty of options for the fitness aficionado to track their activity. These nifty gadgets not only enable users to keep a watchful eye on their exercise levels, adding in a few extra steps if they’re not quite hitting the mark, they can also track sleep, diet and weight to gain a more accurate picture of their health. Keeping aware of what your body is achieving and what it needs is a valuable step when it comes to staying fit on the road. 

Wireless headphones

Whether you’re looking forward to trekking the hills of Mallorca, rambling through the French countryside or hiking the Peak District this year, a little background music can be an excellent way to relax as you move or help you get in the zone for working those muscles. However, those who are partial to a soundtrack whilst on the move may well understand the annoyance that headphone wires can afford by snagging, popping out of your ears or generally getting in the way. Avoid this problem with a pair of wireless headphones that sit snugly and comfortably on your head with no strings hanging down to cramp your style. Designs such as the iSport Victory headphones are sweat resistant, too, so you don’t need to worry too much if the sky clouds over. 

Sleep tracker

Ensuring you get enough shut-eye is an essential part of anyone’s fitness regime. A lack of good quality sleep not only drains our energy but it can also stimulate cravings for high energy, sugary foods – not exactly ideal when you’re trying to keep yourself full of beans for all the activities you have planned on your trip. Invest in an app or device such as the Sense Sleep Tracker to monitor your sleeping patterns and wake you up with gentle lights and sounds at the best time in your sleep cycle to ensure you are as well rested as possible. 

Running sunglasses

If flapping headphone wires have been known to tick you off, running or participating in active pursuits whilst trying to keep your sunglasses on your nose could really end up raising your blood pressure. Whilst a pair of sunglasses with UV protection is a must when visiting countries that get a better deal with the weather than Old Blighty, you might be better off investing in specially-designed running glasses if you’re planning an active trip. Look for a lightweight, durable model with rubber pads on the nose and arms to stay secure and comfortable. 

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