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Love it or hate it, technology has infiltrated our everyday lives. But whether you’re glued to your iPhone or you consider yourself something of a techno-phobe, there’s no doubt that if you enjoy travelling in your spare time, there are a number of apps out there that will make your life ten times easier! 

From booking your flights to creating packing lists; from finding your way around a new city to deciphering a local menu, here’s our pick of the top 10 must-have travel apps that no modern traveller should be without…


Flights, hotels, rental cars – Skyscanner can help you find the cheapest price on all these things by scanning its travel partners so you don’t have to. The mobile app not only lets you search flights to ‘Everywhere’ as well as ‘Top Deals’ from your chosen airport if you are simply looking for inspiration, but it also allows you to scroll through prices month-by-month to find the cheapest times to fly to a specific destination. Don’t try booking without it.


If you’re the type that always leaves something essential behind when you head off on holiday, Packpoint might just be your saviour. This app checks out the weather forecast for your destination as well as asking what sort of activities you’re likely to be taking part in so that it can calculate the ideal packing checklist for you to adapt, save and share at will. 


One for those who struggle with the reams of confirmations, tickets and frantically jotted down notes that could prove imperative to your travel plans – TripIt organises all your confirmations into one easy-to-navigate itinerary. No more panicked scrolling through your inbox to find that elusive booking number or boarding pass again.

4.XE Currency

It’s oh-so easy to over-spend when abroad, particularly during the first few days whilst you’re trying to adjust to the currency conversion. Instead of spending valuable holiday time poring over a menu or desperately trying to work out the price of a tempting souvenir in pounds, turn to XE Currency which keeps track of the live exchange rate and can offer you up-to-date calculations at the tap of a touchscreen. 

5.Google Translate

Never let important details get lost in translation again with Google Translate, a translation app that can help you with a diverse array of words and phrases in more than 50 languages. Some of the languages accept voice input whilst the much lauded World Lens tool allows you to focus your camera on a word which is then translated onto your screen. You’ll never order a dud meal again.


This giant of review sites not only offers first-person reviews on a variety of restaurants, hotels and services around the world, it also provides users with a selection of offline city guides that incorporate reviews featured on the site. So, you can explore with no need for a Wi-Fi connection.


City slickers rejoice, this app is here to make getting around in the big city easier than ever before. Featuring a simple journey planner feature, this app can help you navigate your way through the hurdles of public transport in an unfamiliar place whilst keeping you informed of live traffic and diversion updates.


If you’re expecting to spend a substantial amount of time in an airport any time soon, discover the features the airport lounge has on offer with LoungeBuddy. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience, a light snack or a much-needed shower, this handy app can point you in the right direction. 

9.Google Maps

An oldie but a goodie, Google Maps can help you find your way from A to B in busy cities and rural areas all over the globe. We find it to be particularly useful when trying to locate attractions or particular places of interest, plus you can download the maps for use offline, saving you from using up your valuable data.


Remember that age-old tradition of sending postcards? Well, Touchnote offers a postcard for the 21st century. Simply snap a picture of that stunning sunset, add some text, and the app will send a physical, personalised postcard out to anywhere in the world for a small fee. 

Once you’ve armed your smartphone with these essential travel apps, don’t forget to book your travel insurance. It might not be the most exciting part of the planning, but it’s one of the most essential. Medical Travel Compared can help you locate the best deals for a variety of budgets – use the helpful comparison tool to get a quote.


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