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Top Ten Travel Essentials When Holidaying Abroad

Trying to remember everything you need to take on holiday can often be stressful.

Especially with the fear of forgetting something important looming over your shoulder.

However, it doesn’t need to be.

We want you to enjoy your trip from start to finish, so have put together a holiday checklist which covers the travel essentials that you’ll need to pack.

This should help alleviate the pre-travel panic and help you to focus on planning other things such as your itinerary. As let’s face it, it’s on holiday where the memories are made; not during the packing beforehand.

We hope you find this packing list useful.


1. Your Passport and Boarding Pass (Essential for Flying)

At the top of your packing list should be your passport and boarding pass.

It may sound obvious, however you’ll be surprised at how many people forget these whilst trying to remember everything else.

Being small in size they are definitely easy to misplace too.

We recommend putting these in a dedicated travel pouch to help keep them safe.


2. Pack All Medication Required during Your Holiday

Ensure you keep all your medication together in its original packaging.

Putting this in your hand luggage with a copy of your prescription(s) will also eliminate the risk of not having it if your hold luggage is delayed, or lost.

Before you go, we do advise you research the regulations of the country you are travelling to.

This should include any countries you may be travelling through, as certain medication types may be restricted.


3. Pack All Important Travel Documentation in Your Hand Luggage

Insurance documents, hotel bookings, car rental information and visas…the list is endless.

However, printing out all required documents and storing them in your hand luggage will help speed up your check-in process, both at the airport and when you arrive at your destination.

Allowing you to start enjoying your holiday straight away.

Having a copy of your visa to hand also helps make going through customs a much smoother process.


4. For Those Who Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses, Make Sure You Have Them Packed

Just like a passport, essential items such as your glasses can also be easily left at home.

That’s why we have included a few of the ‘obvious’ on this travel checklist.

Keeping these on your person will ensure you always have them to hand when needed.


5. A Small First Aid Kit Should Be High up on Your Packing List

If you do require first aid treatment whilst on holiday, having a kit to hand will allow you to act fast and deal with the matter straight away.

Containing things such as plasters, sterile wipes and bandages, this useful pack will help alleviate any possible panic.

And if you don’t already have one, don’t worry; they are relatively low in cost and can be purchased from a pharmacy.


6. Don’t Forget Your Travel Money and Any Travel Cards You May Have

Although there’s usually the option to change your money whilst away, it’s often a better rate to exchange your currency before you go.

So making sure you pack your currency and travel cards will ensure you get the most out of your money.

Keeping this securely on your person will allow you to use this as soon as you step off the plane, if required.


7. Electrical Chargers and Plug Adapters Are a Must to Remember

Having the necessary chargers is a must whilst away, especially if you’re away for longer than a week.

Make sure you have the correct adapter for the country you are travelling to, as you don’t want to be in a situation where you are unable to charge things such as your phone or camera.

Packing these together will ensure they are kept safe.


8. A Camera to Capture the Memories

“We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”

— Katie Thurmes, The Stories We Tell

It’s always nice to look back and reminisce on the happy times you had whilst travelling.

Sharing photographs of your trip with family and friends is always great to do when you return home.

So make sure you have a camera packed to capture the moments; and for safety, we advise packing this in your hand luggage.


9. A Light Weight Waterproof Jacket to Cover You from That Unexpected Downpour

When you are thinking of what to pack for your holiday, a waterproof jacket is not necessarily thought of, especially if you are going somewhere hot.

However, with the sometimes-unpredictable nature of the weather, it’s a useful item to pack.

They are also relatively low in weight, so won’t take up much of your luggage allowance.

Having one in your case will ensure that you are prepared for any unexpected downpours.


10. Protect Your Eyes from the Sun with a Pair of High Quality Sunglasses

There’s nothing worse than getting to your holiday destination and realising you’ve forgotten your sunglasses.

Although you can buy them from the airport or at local shops once there – it’s an unnecessary expense.

Also, you’ll often find those available to purchase whilst away, don’t provide the full UV-ray protection you require.

Therefore, make sure you pop your sunglasses in a case and keep them safe in your hand luggage whilst you travel.

There is obviously be a greater number of items to pack that go beyond the above (including your clothes).

However, beyond the clothes, shoes and toiletries, we feel this covers the ten things you should have on your holiday packing list.

So feel free to print out this document as a useful guide whilst packing for your next break.

Included in our holiday checklist is insurance documents.

If you don’t already have these we recommend requesting a quote here

At Medical Travel Compared you can compare quotes from over 40 UK travel insurance providers, allowing you to secure your required cover at a competitive rate.


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