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5 Top Travel Tips For Flying

5 Top Travel Tips For Flying

December 15, 2014: 

They say life's about the journey, not just the destination, and there's certainly nothing that quite beats that surge of anticipation as you board a flight, ready to embark on a longed-for, relaxing holiday or an exciting, new adventure. But the act of travelling to your destination can so often involve navigating a minefield of inconveniences including delays, fatigue and hidden costs.

To help take the headache out of your trip, try these 5 tips for flying:

1. Choose a route that works for you.

When shopping for flights, check that the route caters to your preferences. If you're working to a strict budget, a more convoluted route will often offer the best price. Explorers can also add an extra destination to a trip with a stopover – just make sure you check how close the airport is to the areas you are hoping to visit.

However, if time is of the essence or you have a long transfer to or from the airport, think about paying a little extra for the most direct route. When you arrive fresh and ready to face the next step of your trip, you won't regret your decision.

2. Double check your baggage allowance.

Always read the baggage small print. Some budget airlines have strict restrictions on how much cabin luggage passengers are permitted – you don't want to be landed with paying unexpected, extra costs. Checking in bags can also cost more and therefore need to be factored in to your overall flight costs.

A great tip to keep the price down if you are in this situation and travelling in a group is to check in a suitcase between a few of you and share the cost. Also, some airlines may provide extra allowances for certain activities such as ski/snowboarding gear.

3. Use a variety of flight search engines.

In order to get the best selection, the most competitive pricing and up-to-date offers, use a few different search engines to help you choose your flights. Google Flights, Skyscanner, Expedia and Momondo are just a few examples – never just stick to one.

4. Avoid school holiday travel if possible.

Unfortunately, family holidays may mean you have no choice but to stick to the school holidays but if you have the option to travel out of peak season, you can avoid airport crowds and pick up some great value offers. Another factor to take into consideration is the peak holiday season of the country you are travelling to.

5. Investigate frequent flyer programs.

If you fly to certain destinations more than others, frequent flyer programs can offer benefits such as discounts and upgrades. Look up the key airline alliances which consist of specific affiliated airlines to see if one of their programs can work for you – some programs allow you to credit miles in an alliance to one airline which can help you gain more points. Even if you don't fly as often, you'd be surprised at the benefits you might be eligible for – even a little something extra is better than nothing.

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