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Fancy Something For The Bank Holiday, Sir, Madam?

Bank Holidays, they have a terrible habit of sneaking up on you and as a result, many of us find our fingers travelling towards last minute options. A Google search here, a click and a tap there and low and behold, you’re off to Austria for a few days. But did you get your Travel Insurance?

Of course, if you chose to stay within the confines of the British Isles, a touch of Travel Insurance won’t be particularly necessary, but, if you took advantage of that chance to visit Morocco, finally, maybe you’ll want to think twice.

We decided to have a brief look around the internet on your behalf and potentially join you in your jaunts…albeit, from the comfort of our ergonomic, office chairs. So, in no particular order here are a few of our ideas for your well earned Bank Holiday;

1) Shark watching off the coast of little Britain.

Did you know that our quaint corner of the world is home to over 30 different species of sharks? It’s true, we wouldn’t fib about this…and you’ll be relieved to know that none are of the leg-munching variety. Pop by Cornwall and say hi to a basking shark.

2) No pool?

Don’t let that worry you, dip your feet in Birmingham’s outdoor swimming pool – Droitwich Spa Lido, wander along to Lammas Land in Cambridge or any number of fountains, just begging for a sprightly, daredevil such as yourself to avail themselves of a little cooling-off.

3) How about Portugal?

We have it on good authority (that’ll be from our Portuguese, Social Media Genius) that Portugal has lots of fun things to do. There’s the golden sands and sun (an average temp of 30C 77F), the tasty sardines and if you fancy it, there’s always a shop or two to avail yourself of a bucket and spade.

4) You might not believe us,

but wine making and production in the UK has been a strong tradition since the Romans felt homesick and started fermenting. From Scotland to Wales, Kent to the Channel Isles, there are wineries all over Great Britain for you to wet your whistle. For a few options, look at the EWP website.

5) Last but not least,

there’s always the daring, adventurous and some might say, foolhardy option…turn up at the airport and go. We recommend this one, but not without Travel Insurance. Who knows where you might end-up? Could be the Algarve or Azerbaijan, Hungary or Honolulu? Wherever you land, bring us back a post card and a story.

Where are you headed on your Bank Holiday? Why not let us know on our Facebook or Twitter?

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