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What You Don't Need To Take On Holiday

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve found ourselves off on our holidays and realised we’ve forgotten something essential. However, it can be just as annoying for the opposite to occur and realise you’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink… yet, you’re not using any of it!

The thing is, holiday packing is a skill that takes time to perfect. It might seem like the easiest option to empty your entire wardrobe into your suitcase before you leave, but when you face that over-weight baggage charge at check-in, packing regret can easily set in. 

We’ve taken a look at some of the common culprits that sneak their way into the luggage of holiday-makers up and down the country so that you can enjoy a lighter load on your next trip.

  1. Heavy books

Welcome to the 21st century where medieval tomes are no longer a necessity in order to indulge in some holiday reading. If you’re hoping to work your way through a good chunk of Game of Thrones while you’re baking by the beach or prefer to pack a couple of different reads so you can flip from romance to thriller whenever the mood takes you, it might be a good idea to invest in an e-reader. Neatly portable and with thousands of books at your fingertips, the convenience factor is high with this nifty piece of technology.

  2. A hairdryer

One of the most space-consuming gadgets you could choose to pack, a hairdryer might be a daily essential for some, but in all probability, your hotel or B&B is very likely to have one to hand for you to use. In fact, if you’re heading off somewhere hot and tropical, you might find there’s no need for a blast of extra hot air in order to dry your locks. You’re having a vacation, why not let your hair take a break, too?

  3. Full size toiletries

We all have our favourite brand of moisturiser or go-to shampoo, but in the name of saving space, try to avoid packing your entire toiletries bag when you head off on holiday. Not only will large, heavy bottles drastically affect the weight of your bag but they’ll eat up valuable space that could be used for other essentials. Invest in 100ml mini travel bottles and decant your products of choice, or consider ditching basics like shower gel in favour of the soap supplied by your hotel. Alternatively, just pick some local products up when you reach your destination and pass them on to another guest when you leave. Sharing’s caring, after all.

  4. Clothing you never wear

It’s all too easy to convince yourself that the dress you never wear or that shirt you’ve been saving for a special occasion will suddenly become your favourite item of clothing when you leave the country, but the reality is you are much better off packing tried and tested items of clothing – preferably those that mix and match well. Your tastes won’t change just because you’ve left the country so stick with your favourite clothing that will be suitable for the climate and watch that load get even lighter.

  5. Valuables

Of course, there might be the odd pricey item you can’t possibly travel without – particularly if you’re a photography fan – but any valuables that aren’t essential for your holiday ought to be left at home. Not only can expensive jewellery easily go missing when you’re on the move, it can make you a target for thieves with their eye on unsuspecting tourists. 

Although there are a number of things you should leave behind, travel insurance isn’t one of them! The right plan will cover you in case you require medical treatment abroad, your flight is cancelled or your luggage goes walkabout for good. 

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