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Where Are The Best Places To Travel In June?

The arrival of June stirs summer into action in the UK with the promise of blue skies and BBQs permeating the air. However, the English summer is an unpredictable beast, just as likely to gift us with rainclouds and showers as it is to follow through on the sunshine we’re all hoping for. 

Perhaps, then, this makes June a great month to make an escape and head off abroad. Whether you’re looking for some reliable sunshine or an experience exciting enough to take your mind off the weather, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to travel in June. It’s time for that age-old question: where to next?

The French Riviera

Make like an early bird and beat the summer rush with a visit to the glittering French Riviera in June. The temperatures are nicely warming up for a spot of beachside lounging and, as well as soaking up some much-needed Vitamin D, you can immerse yourself in that famous Riviera glitz and glamour to your heart’s content. Cannes, Nice and St. Tropez are the big name, classic Riviera destinations where international extravagance is as much a part of the scenery as those sparkling Mediterranean views. Late June sees the Fete de la Musique take place in Nice where a vast array of musical performances provides the perfect excuse to dance the night away. However, there are tranquil pockets of coastal charm that can still be enjoyed this early in the season. Explore Languedoc’s sandy beaches and traditional villages or head to Iles D’Or where charming sandy islands float serenely offshore. 


One of the most popular destinations for British holiday-makers, the spectacular scenery of Mallorca stretches far further than the areas marred by built-up resorts. The rugged coastline offers countless hidden coves and beautiful bays, fringed with soft sands and lapped by shimmering turquoise waters. Head to the west coast for plunging cliffs and panoramic views, strike out for the north if you’re looking to hike, explore the east for secret beaches galore, or stick to the south for sugar-spun beaches right off the front of a postcard.


For those determined to get away from it all this June, why not experience remote Greenland and bask in the land of the midnight sun? This mysterious island may not be the cheapest destination but if nature is what you seek, you’ll be in holiday heaven. There are hardly any roads in Greenland, so explorers keen to strike out on foot, treat themselves to a boat ride, or dabble in a spot of skiing or dog-sledding will be treated to unspoilt landscapes of magnificent mountains, mighty glaciers and jaw-dropping fjords. In central Greenland, the sun rises in late May and does not set until the end of July – the soft colours of this dusky light create an ethereal ambience that lends Greenland a magical quality that’s hard to beat.


Croatia’s meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years has meant that the summer months see the crowds come rolling in. Visit in June to make the most of the sunshine, before the hordes descend. The big draw of Croatia is its host of charismatic islands, dotted around the coast in the crystalline Adriatic Sea. Charter a yacht to explore at your own pace, taking in the cobblestone charm of Vis and the romantic island of Mljet, where Odysseus is said to have holed up with Calypso. Then visit the cultural capital of Zagreb where unusual museums, stylish bistros and exquisite Austro-Hungarian architecture have made the city the Croatian hotspot du jour. 


Visit the US state of Colorado in June to witness the natural beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park spring into bloom. Parks and trails open to the public at this time of year and nature lovers of all ages trickle into the park to witness the blossoming tree buds, chirping birdlife and flourishing wildflowers. The Rockies have a reputation for being one of the best parks in the US for wildlife spotting – so what better time to visit than spring when the babies are coming out to play? 

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