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Where Is Safe To Go On Holiday

Where Is Safe To Go On Holiday

It used to be that where to go on holiday meant; where’s the hottest and do they serve an English Breakfast? Now, where to go on holiday carries with it a much darker overtone. Before deciding and even up until the moment you board your flight, holiday makers are being advised to check with the Foreign Office website to ensure that their chosen destination is still safe from terrorism.

Places believed to be safe include the ever popular Portugal, Hungary, Switzerland – with its iconic landscape and endless chocolate reserves, Laos – an alternative to the more established Asian countries, New Zealand – home of Hobbits and Hakka lovers alike, Fiji – THE holiday destination for Australians and a gem to be discovered by Europeans, Barbados, Gambia and the now, very amusing and spectacular, Iceland.

If you decide to holiday in any of these far flung and alternative destinations, make sure you invest in your travel insurance beforehand and don’t forget your European Health Insurance Card – free and it available online and delivered to your door.

Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey?

Following the civil unrest, flights out of Turkey were halted and as a result, many holidays were curtailed. As of 16th July, Turkish Airlines released a patriotic statement advising that the company was again airborne and extended its thanks to their customers. British Airlines, Thomas Cook and First Choice among others, offered customers that were scheduled to depart for Turkey, a full refund or an opportunity to re-book at a later date.

Foreign Office Travel Advice - Knowing Where Is Safe To Go On Holiday

The latest (20th July 2016) from the Foreign Office is that “…you should be vigilant, particularly in areas where crowds may gather, and stay away from any demonstrations; security operations continue in some parts of the country.” It is paramount that in this day and age, you as a travellers of the world be aware of where you can and can’t visit.

Holiday Destinations Where Should I Avoid?

With so many holiday destinations in flux, safe holiday destinations are difficult to claim, but we would like to clarify which (according to the UK Government’s Foreign Office) are classified as potentially dangerous or have weather warnings for holiday makers at this time.

  • Turkey is currently recovering from an attempted coup d’état and as such should be addressed with care.
  • The Dominican Republic has in the last three months experienced Dengue fever, Zika and Chikungunya virus outbreaks. It is also hurricane season between June and November.
  • Egypt is said to be subject to a high threat from terrorism. It is advised not to travel along the Nile River or visit the Red Sea Resorts of Sharm el Sheikh.
  • France. In the wake of the Nice attacks on 14th July, 2016, a high threat from terrorism exists across the country.
  • Gibraltar, being part of the UK is in an underlying state of threat from terrorism.
  • Greece is seen as a general risk for terrorism, but you are advised to avoid public demonstrations.
  • Indonesia is regarded as being a high threat for terrorism.
  • Japan’s typhoon season runs from June to Sept and in April, earthquakes of 6.5 and 7.0 magnitude occurred.
  • Morocco is regarded as being a high threat for terrorism.
  • Sri Lanka has experienced Dengue Fever.
  • Seychelles, while being seen as a low threat for terrorism, is a significant threat for piracy amid the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden. Warning: the seas’ current is regarded as strong – be vigilant with young children in the water.
  • In Thailand the Zika virus has been confirmed and a high threat from terrorism exists.
  • South Africa is under threat from terrorism and there is a generally high threat from crime.
  • United Arab Emirates is a high threat for terrorism.

The Express have even created an informative European map infographic, highlighting the most dangerous places to go on holiday in Summer 2016.

Remember Travel Insurance

The British Foreign Office advises every traveller “Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.” To that end, we suggest comparing your travel insurance options by getting a travel insurance quote. Many insurers offer comprehensive cover for very reasonable prices. When travelling abroad there are a few requirements that you should ensure are provided within your policy; lost luggage claims, repatriation to the UK, medical care (above and beyond the basic care provided by your European Health Insurance Card - EHIC), cancellation cover, personal accident and personal liability.

This article was accurate at the time of publishing – JULY 2016. It is HIGHLY recommended that you check with the UK Foreign Office before travelling abroad.

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