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Where To Travel In April

With spirits rising in time with the temperature, now is the perfect time to take advantage of some of the best places to travel in April. Here are a few to try on for size… 

1. Paris 

In the words of Audrey Hepburn, Paris is always a good idea. But visit the French capital in the springtime and you’ll experience this beautiful city in all its glory. Indulge in Parisian café culture and sip a glass of world-class wine as you watch the world go by, or take a romantic sunset stroll along the Seine. During April, the city parks begin to bloom and sights like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame look all the more beautiful against the bright blue sky. The weather also serves to bring the Parisian contingent of street entertainers out in earnest. 

2. Lisbon 

If a city with equal amounts of grit and glamour sounds more up your street, then head to edgy Lisbon, perched on the banks of the majestic Rio Tejo. Pack walking shoes with grip if you’re set on tackling the steep cobbled hills of the Old Town, Alfama, or hop on board a charming, rickety tram to enjoy a more relaxed tour of the city. Dining out in Lisbon is an epicurean delight with traditional tabernas, Michelin-starred restaurants and vibrant food markets vying for your attention, and when the sun sets, wander the streets of the Barrio Alto where music, dancing and drinking takes place in a network of narrow lanes. 

3. California 

Blessed with balmy climes much of the year, California makes for an excellent escape around April, particularly for those in search of a top-notch musical experience. For this is the month of the mighty Coachella which takes place over two weekends in Indio and serves up a giant helping of big name musical acts as well as lesser-known cult favourites to satisfy those with music in their souls. Those who prefer to answer the call of the wild will find spring an excellent time to go hiking in the magnificent Yosemite Park or wander amongst beautiful, towering trees in Redwood National Park. 

4. Zermatt 

Zermatt is just the ticket for those who fancy a trip to the mountains during April. It has the highest ski lifts in Europe and, just in case the glacier needs a top up of snow, a snowmaking machine to ensure the resort remains a winter wonderland all year round. If you’re able to avoid the school holidays then prepare to enjoy a distinct lack of queues and a more laid-back, cost-effective break than you might expect here in peak season.  

5. Tokyo 

One of the most popular times of year to visit the Japanese capital, April signifies cherry-blossom season in Japan. This iconic event has become renowned around the world, thanks to the stunning visuals the pink blooms present. Not only do the cherry-blossoms announce the official beginning of spring in the country, there are a number of vibrant festivals that take place to really hammer the message home. As well as looking pretty darn lovely at this time of year, Tokyo also offers visitors a huge range of interesting things to do, from visiting traditional tea houses to dining in bizarre themed restaurants such as Alcatraz, an eatery based on the infamous prison.  

Wherever you plan to go this April, remember to purchase adequate travel insurance. Although it can be a time-consuming and not altogether thankful task at times, the right insurance policy could be worth its weight in gold should an unfortunate incident occur. Medical Travel Compared offer a useful comparison tool to help you seek out and secure the best travel insurance policy for your money.


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