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Where To Travel In May

Is it just us or does the collective mood of the world seem to rise in May? Perhaps it’s the darling buds of blooming flowers, the warmer weather as Europe heats up or the fact that there are two bank holiday weekends just begging to be filled with travel plans! By the time May frolics to the fore, winter is a distant memory and summer is beginning to seem like a distinct possibility as opposed to an otherworldly dream.  

May is an excellent month to plan a break as it sneaks into the calendar just before the prices start rising for the peak summer months. So, if you want to escape from it all whilst nimbly avoiding queues, inflated prices and beaches crammed with baking bodies, take a look at the best places to travel in May and get that trip locked down…  

1. Cape Verde, Africa 

Floating in the Atlantic, roughly 500km west of Senegal, the Cape Verde island chain has flown under the tourist radar until very recently. When you take a closer look at what this lesser-known chain of islands has to offer, you can see that it won’t be long before the world sits up and takes notice. From dramatic mountains to verdant valleys, and windswept sand dunes to crystalline waters, each island offers a different set of natural attractions, while the warmth and hospitality of the colourful Creole culture is the common denominator in this captivating part of the world. São Vicente is home to the cultural capital, Mindelo, where music and bars can be found in excess. Sal offers stunning powder-soft beaches of pure, white sand, and Brava’s volcanic landscape offers breath-taking scenery you’ll soon be writing home about.  

2. The Scottish Highlands

Nature lovers rejoice, the wild beauty of the Scottish Highlands becomes much more pleasant and accessible now that the harshest season of the year has passed. Don’t get us wrong, this is no balmy bikini break, but if rambling under wide open skies whilst soaking up majestic scenery straight out of a Tolkien novel is your bag, then Scotland will have you entranced. This is the time of year when the wildflowers ripple into life and you’ll find a wide range of outdoors activities to partake in, from fishing in one of the many lochs, to testing your mettle on a gorge walk. Alternatively, track down romantic castles such as Urquhart Castle or one of the beautiful, old churches that can be found in the Highlands, and immerse yourself in the culture of stunning Scotland. 

3. Bali, Indonesia 

The Island of the Gods sees its temperatures steadily climbing in May to an average of 28C whilst much of the rest of Asia experiences the deluge of the monsoons. Bali may have come a long way since its days as a little-known island paradise with a vast array of sophisticated hotels and tourist amenities, but it still retains its spiritual charm and spectacular natural scenery. The island where the infinity pool was allegedly invented, there are a vast number of luscious landscapes to admire, from the glittering, tiered rice paddies around Ubud, to the glorious, sandy beaches that pepper the Bukit Peninsula. Make time to explore the Balinese culture with a visit to one of the awe-inspiring temples such as Pura Besakih in the foothills of Mount Agung or Tanah Lot, perched precariously by the sea. Book yourself in to witness a traditional Balinese dance like the Kecak or simply dine out on delicious Asian food and unwind under the tropical sun. 

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia 

May signals the start of the holiday season in sunny Dubrovnik and by the end of the month, the sea may even be warm enough to swim. The walled city is an aesthetic dream, overlooking the smooth, cerulean waters of the Adriatic and terracotta rooftops glowing under the blazing sun. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik has blossomed over the past decade to be one of the most up-market tourist destinations in Croatia and a favourite with the A-list crowd. Take a stroll around the historic streets of the old town to admire the medieval fortifications and the elegant Baroque architecture – you’ll also find all manner of cafes and restaurants tucked away in these crisscrossed alleys. To the east of the old town, you’ll find a coastline rimmed with luxury hotels and several beaches offering access to crystal clear waters that offer excellent swimming. 

Whichever direction your compass points in May, be sure to book the right travel insurance for your trip. Medical Travel Compared can help you compare insurance providers according to your needs so that you can purchase the best policy for your money and enjoy your trip with perfect peace of mind. 


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