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How to Claim Travel Insurance

If something has gone wrong during your holiday, you want the quickest solution as soon as possible. Making a claim on your travel insurance policy should be simple and easy to do, but sometimes things can get in the way.

So, we’ve outlined the best steps to make sure you are able to make a claim as efficiently as possible.

What is a travel insurance claim?

A travel insurance claim allows you to seek compensation for an unfortunate or even disastrous event that has occurred during your break. If this was something that was out of your control and which disrupted your holiday in some way, then you may have the right to make a claim for the inconvenience this has caused.

There are a number of things which you can claim on your travel insurance for, from issues with your hotel to your flight, or for sickness and medical expenses, or weather cancellations.  Whilst it’s important to check your policy to see exactly what you are covered for, here’s a guide to some of the most common claimable policy benefits that you could be covered for;

What can you claim for?

You can make a claim for a number of different things. Here are some of the more common:

Lost or stolen luggage

Your airline can also assist with compensation for this instance, however, they will firstly need to determine whether they consider your luggage to be lost or delayed.

This decision can take a while, so in the meantime, most policies will help to cover the cost of your essentials – or, if it’s determined lost, it will cover costs up to the policy limit.

Delayed travel

After a certain length of time that your flight has been delayed, your travel insurance can cover your costs for things like hotels and food.

Just be sure to keep your receipts and you may require a letter from your airline confirming the delay.

Cancellation or interrupted trip

Travel insurance also provides you with cover in the event that your holiday is cancelled or has to be interrupted.

This could be because of illness, or an incident with your travelling companion, or any reason that you could not have foreseen or expected.

Medical expenses

Your policy can cover any costs incurred for medical treatment that may be required due to injury or illness.

You’re best to speak to your insurance provider before the treatment if you can – or have a travelling companion do it for you – and keep all receipts and documentation relating to your medical care.


If you do have anything stolen from you while you are on holiday, you can claim for these once you have contacted the police.

You should contact them within 24 hours of it happening so that you can then make a claim as quickly as possible, and make sure you keep any documentation, such as the police report.

How to contact your insurance provider

If you’re still on holiday when you are making the claim on your policy, then you will need to contact them on the emergency number provided. This will help you to get things moving as fast as possible – just don’t forget to have your policy number handy also.

However, if you’re making the claim when you get home, check that you are still within the timeframes of the policy and that you are covered for the incident. Get in touch with them as quickly as possible and do a quick check of what you need to provide for your specific claim.

The stage at which you need to contact them will depend on what the claim is for – for example, as previously stated, if it is for medical expenses, then you should do this before the treatment. However, if it’s for stolen possessions, then you should contact the police first before contacting the insurer within 24 hours.

So, take a look right away at the information your insurance company has provided about timeframes for contacting them to make sure you don’t end up doing it too late. All circumstances are different and have varying pathways for resolving them, so always check these out first.

How long does a travel insurance claim take?

You can submit a travel insurance claim straightaway, once you have all the necessary information, however, the time it takes your provider to process it can vary.

As stated, the first thing to take into consideration, is what it is you are claiming for. This has a huge impact on the length of time taken on your claim, as the insurer may need more evidence or documentation. This may be from yourself or from an external party.

For example, the claims team might require medical records or police reports. These could be a while in coming forward, so this could hold up your claim, even if you have provided as much insight as you can.

To be sure that you have done as much as possible to prevent delays on your claim, you should be vigilant in providing evidence at the earliest opportunity, if you can.

What to do if your travel insurance claim is denied

There are lots of reasons why your claim may be denied, from having an excess or exclusion on your policy, to leaving out some information or a difference of opinion on how careful you were.

However, you do have a right to complain and challenge their refusal to pay out for your claim. If you do pursue this line.

Once you’ve notified your insurance provider about your complaint, they will then have 8 weeks to respond to you with a final decision, although many of course will get back to you much quicker.

If they have not responded to you within 8 weeks, or you are unhappy with their final decision, you may be eligible to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will look into it for you. Hopefully, this would finally resolve the issue, but if it did not, then you then have the option to take the matter further and have it heard before a court.

However, if you’ve prepared efficiently and have everything that is required of you, then you should have a straightforward claims process.

Although nobody ever gets travel insurance with the intention of making a claim – you’ll definitely be glad that you took out a policy in the first place should something happen on your trip.

With Medical Travel Compared, you can compare quotes for travel insurance right now if you need to. All being well, you’ll have a fantastic trip and won’t need to make a claim to your insurance provider – but, you’ll feel even better before you embark knowing that you’re covered from the get-go.

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