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Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Guide

Have you discovered that travel insurance premiums have increased now that you’re a senior citizen? Or that the insurer you’ve been with for years is now declining to renew your policy because you’ve reached a certain age? Frustrating isn’t it!  But we’re here to tell you that age doesn’t need to be a barrier to enjoying future holidays abroad, and better still, we can help you find a suitable senior citizen travel insurance provider who will welcome your custom.

Why Do I Need Senior Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a necessary precaution to protect you if things don’t go to plan and should be high up on the list of priorities when arranging any trip abroad. Travel insurance for senior citizens can cover a range of eventualities, from cancellation, personal accidents, emergency medical expenses, repatriation back home, personal belongings, travel delay and more. Most insurers will also provide a 24 hour emergency helpline, so help is only a phone call away no matter where you are!

Why Compare Travel Insurance For Seniors With Medical Travel Compared?

Our free, independent comparison service has been set up to help seniors find great value travel insurance easily and quickly.  Simply use our online quoting facility by clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ button located at the top of this page. Enter your holiday details and, if necessary, answer some medical questions to compare senior travel insurance quotes from our panel of insurers that are specifically targeted at OAPs, pensions and senior citizens. Having reviewed the search results, you can then select a policy that meets your needs and proceed to pay securely online. Your documents will then be sent to you direct from the insurer. It couldn’t be easier!

Getting Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Such is life that as we age, we are prone to age related illness such as arthritis, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes to name but a few, and in many instances older people are prescribed precautionary medication to keep such conditions at bay. It’s important to declare all of your pre-existing medical conditions and the medical reasons why you take preventative medication, even if they have little impact on you daily living. This allows insurers to offer a senior citizen travel policy that will meet your individual needs and give you protection in the event your existing medical conditions cause you any trip complications (terms and conditions vary)

If you’re declaring medical conditions on behalf of a family member or an elderly friend, do make sure you’re aware of their medical history, and the reasons why medication is prescribed. In particular, ask if they have EVER been diagnosed with any heart, respiratory, circulatory, stroke or cancerous conditions, as most insurers require applicants to declare these as part of their medical declaration.  

UK Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

If you’re planning a staycation and booking two or more nights away in the UK, you may want to consider getting travel insurance to protect the money you have paid out for accommodation, travel and excursions. When getting UK senior travel insurance quotes do check the excess.  There is a little point buying UK cover if the excess on the policy is higher or the same as the cost of the holiday, because there will be little or no money to actually claim back in the event of cancellation.

Don’t Forget Your Travelling Companions

Lastly, we urge you to add your travelling companions to your policy. Being insured on the same policy protects your companions should you or your medical conditions cause any trip complications and vice versa.  When insured separately you run the risk of being out of pocket should you need to cancel the holiday (terms and conditions vary).

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