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DEFAQTO is an independent source of financial information allowing you to compare around 41,000 financial products from different providers.

The business is made up of a team of expert analysts who gather the most up to date information about financial products like credit cards and mortgages, investment opportunities, and travel insurance policies, to help banks, building societies, and financial advisers to make the best recommendations and to support consumers with making fully informed decisions about their purchases.

Who uses DEFAQTO?

DEFAQTO can be accessed by anybody, but it’s mostly used by professional organisations who provide financial products and deals.  The most frequent users include financial advisers, banks, insurers, fund managers, insurance brokers, and comparison sites.

DEFAQTO information can be used to give a comprehensive overview of the market and competitor activity, enabling financial organisations to create new products and tailor their offerings responsively so that they can recommend the best quality deals.

Having access to the most up to date information and knowing which offerings are available also allows financial professionals to make the best recommendations and advice to consumers.

What is a DEFAQTO rating?

A DEFAQTO rating is a trusted industry standard based on a star rating system. DEFAQTO analysts take an unbiased approach to gathering the data available about each financial offering and assign a star rating based on their findings.

The star rating reflects the quality and how comprehensive a product or policy is, achieving complete impartiality and consistency across each product review.

A one-star rating indicates a basic product with very few features or benefits. The more features and benefits a product has the higher the star rating. A five star DEFAQTO rating is reserved for the highest quality financial offerings.

The star rating system is designed to be a quick way to view the quality of a proposition at a glance without a focus on price or provider. It also allows financial teams to feel confident in selling products and making recommendations and consumers to feel reassured in their decision making.

Why are DEFAQTO ratings important for travel insurance?

Travel insurance DEFAQTO ratings are important for the customer experience when shopping around for travel insurance, helping to simplify what can sometimes be a complex process. Having a visual reference allows people searching for travel insurance policies to see the best quality deals quickly and easily.

Once you’ve put together a shortlist of your favourite travel insurance policies, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions about which provider you choose to go with.

The star rating will help you to compare product quality without feeling heavily influenced by cost.

And, once you’ve chosen your travel insurance cover, you can feel confident that you’ve selected the best possible option for you. By using a trusted service like DEFAQTO, you’ll know your cover has been matched against criteria highlighting the most important features of a travel insurance policy.

How do I use DEFAQTO?

You can use DEFAQTO to find the star rating for thousands of travel insurance providers by visiting their website. Choose the type of travel insurance you need, for example, annual travel insurance, and you’ll be directed the star ratings page.

Here you’ll find an extensive list of travel insurance providers sorted by star rating and listed alphabetically allowing you to scroll and browse easily. If you prefer, you can also sort provider by star rating or search for them by name.

Compare quotes for medical travel insurance using DEFAQTO star ratings

When you search for travel insurance policies with Medical Travel Compared, the quote results page will show the insurer options, policy terms, and the price of cover available to you based on the information you provide in your application.

We include the DEFAQTO star rating alongside each quote for quick reference. This allows you to see how the quality of each policy compares across providers, helping you to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right policy for you.

If you’re shopping for travel insurance and are in need of comprehensive or specialist cover to suit your individual circumstances get a quick quote from Medical Travel Compared. We’ll find a range of policy quotes from over forty specialist travel insurance providers for you to choose from – what are you waiting for? Get the beach ball rolling.

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