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Planning a holiday can be stressful when there is so much to organise. So, if you have forgotten to buy travel insurance, don’t worry as you are not alone.

There are many people who find themselves in the same boat, but the good news is you can buy last minute travel insurance.

When is the best time to get travel insurance?

If you want to ensure you will have the maximum cover, then the best time to get travel insurance is as soon as possible. Should you need to make a claim, insurance providers will look at when you took out a policy to see how much of your trip is protected.

Therefore, as soon as you have made a financial contribution towards your holiday, whether it’s paying for a flight or making the first instalment, you should take out your policy. This will help protect your money as much as possible. However, if you have it later than this, don’t worry, just try to act as quickly as you can.

Last minute travel insurance

Technically speaking, you can buy travel insurance right up until the minute you arrive at the airport. There are some insurance companies that will accommodate this, as they appreciate that with so much organising to do, people can often forget and panic once they only realise their mistake at the very last minute.

However, it is advisable to get your travel insurance sorted much earlier than this – as soon as you realise that you need to, ideally. This will ensure you are protected for the maximum length of time.

Can you buy travel insurance at the airport?

The truth of the matter is each insurance provider’s stance on this will be completely different, so it’s always worth doing your research. Basically, some will be more than happy for you to buy a policy with them as late as the point that you’re sat on the plane.

In contrast, others will only accept purchases before you have gone through airport checks, while some say it must be done before you leave home.

If you needed to buy insurance at the airport then we can help you to search for one, so that you can be covered quickly before your holiday begins. However, wherever possible, it’s best to avoid being in this situation and try to arrange a policy sooner.

Can you get travel insurance when already abroad?

If you have already left the UK and are concerned that you have left it too late to get travel insurance, then don’t worry. You may still be able to get cover, as there are a few travel insurance companies who offer protection even after you have already flown to your destination.

Insurers who offer protection even when you are already on foreign soil may just want to check how long you’ve been away. This is because some companies will only provide you with cover if you haven’t been abroad for more than a couple of weeks already.

So, it’s worth speaking to an advisor as soon as you can to ensure you meet their criteria.

Compare travel insurance

No matter when it pops up on your to-do list, we can help you get the right travel insurance for your trip. Whether you’re going on the trip of a lifetime or just a quick mini-break, at Medical Travel Compared we can assist in finding you the best cover for your needs.

It can be as soon as you have booked your holiday or last minute – it really doesn’t matter when. Get your travel insurance policy sorted with us today for the protection you need to ensure your break goes perfectly.

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