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When taking a cruise, medical expenses cover is extremely important to protect you in the event you become unwell, especially if you’re miles away from the mainland. Use our comparison tool to compare specialist cruise policies and prices now!

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Travel Insurance For Cruises

If you’re off on a cruise holiday, we can search over 40 specialist travel insurers to help you find a policy that not only includes cover for pre-existing medical conditions, but also specifically insures you against cruise related issues that you wouldn’t normally get protection for with standard cover. 

Why Buy Cruise Insurance?

Whether you’re taking a short cruise around the med, or perhaps a luxury Worldwide cruise, the cost of your holiday is unlikely to be cheap! So you will probably require a higher level of cancellation and curtailment cover to ensure the cost of your holiday and any pre-paid excursions can be recouped in the event of being unable to travel. You will also want adequate medical and personal liability cover to ensure you're not out of pocket should you require medical treatment which forces the ship to dock or for you to be airlifted to the nearest hospital. When comparing cruise travel insurance quotes, it’s important to check the level of cover offered is enough to fully protect you. 

Many cruise ships and travel agents will require you to have adequate cover in place before allowing you to board, so having a cruise policy in place is the best way to ensure your holiday gets off to a smooth start!

What Can Cruise Travel Insurance Cover?

As well as the usual benefits you would expect of standard travel insurance, adding ‘Cruise Cover’ to your policy can provide cover for:

  • Airlifting from the ship to the mainland should you need to be hospitalised 
  • Missed port departure
  • Cabin confinement
  • Cruise interruption
  • Change of itinerary
  • Cover of unused excursions

Comparing Cruise Travel Insurance

When using our travel insurance comparison facility, you will be able to add ‘Cruise Cover’ when applying for both single trip travel insurance and annual travel insurance. Due to the nature of cruise holidays, it’s likely you will be visiting several places and it’s important that you’re covered for each of your destination points, even if you are only passing through or stopping for a day. You can use our multi-destination filter to select all the countries you will be travelling to when you apply. 

Do Not Underinsure Your Cruise!

When comparing quotes, please pay careful attention to the level of Cancellation Cover provided. Don't be tempted to selected a policy that offers a lower level of cover than what your cruise is costing, because this could invalidate your policy. The cover limits on a policy are per insured person, so for example, if there are two of you travelling on the policy and the total of your cruise is costing £3,000, then you would need a policy that provides a minimum Cancellation Cover up to £1,500 per person. 

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