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No matter what your age, travel destination and whether you have pre-existing medical conditions or not, our comparison tool is designed to help you find competitively priced cover. Submit your details and we will search over 40 insurance providers for the best available quotes!

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About Single Trip Travel Insurance

This type of insurance is for one off, individual trips and will cover your specified travel dates. If you’re not a frequent traveller, single trip cover is a great option and genuinely works out cheaper than annual multi-trip cover. You also have the ability to tailor a single trip policy around your trip, so you only have to pay out for the cover you actually need. Single trip insurance can cover a range of eventualities such as cancellation, personal accident, lost or stolen personal property and many more.

Single Trip Travel Cover With Medical Conditions

If you live with pre-existing medical conditions, the very best way to ensure you’re not out of pocket should your medical conditions cause any complications before or during your trip, is to buy a travel insurance policy that includes cover for them. With Medical Travel Compared specialising in helping people who may have difficulty getting standard cover due to age or medical history, you’re in the best place! Use our in built medical screening facility to declare your pre-existing medical conditions and anything for which you take prescribed medication for. We will then search our panel of over 40-specialist medical travel insurers to offer you a choice of cover levels and premium options to suit both your travel needs and your budget. You may also find that getting accepted for single trip cover with medical conditions is easier than with annual multi-trip.

Travel Insurance Single Trip Premiums

Medical Travel Compared offers cheap single trip travel insurance from as little as £5.21 for a week in Europe! Of course there are a few factors that influence the price of single trip holiday cover and these are age, trip duration, destination and current health status. Insurance premiums tend to rise after the age of 59/60 and the longer you’re away for, the higher the premium. Destinations tend to fall within three geographical areas: ‘Europe’ being the lower rating, ‘Worldwide including USA, Canada and The Caribbean’ being the highest and ‘Rest of the World’ falling in-between. It’s wise to get a quote for areas like USA, Canada and The Caribbean before booking the trip, especially if you have medical conditions, as obtaining cover for these areas can sometimes be tricky and cost more.

Buying Single Trip Holiday Insurance

Medical Travel Compared is intended for UK residents of all ages, and can help arrange cover for both short and long stay holidays. Once you have entered your details into our quoting system, you can then review the search results in price order. When purchasing a single trip policy, it’s important that you understand what you’re covered for. Do take a look at the policy summary detailed with each quote, making sure it covers you for everything you need. Check the cancellation limit is enough to cover the cost of your holiday should you have to cancel, and pay attention to the excess that applies and decide if the amount is affordable should you make a claim. Please remember, the cheapest quote may not necessarily be the best one for your individual circumstance.

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