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Travel Insurance for Europe

If you're purchasing an annual policy, Europe travel insurance covers a range of countries across the continent, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting a number of different destinations at a time.

For a single trip policy, you’ll obviously need to declare each destination you’re planning to visit.

Either way, you’ll be able to purchase a comprehensive policy to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Europe?

It’s highly recommended that you take out a travel insurance policy – even though travel insurance is not a compulsory entry requirement across European countries.

Medical expenses and repatriation back to the UK from Europe can often come at a large cost. So, protecting yourself with an adequate travel insurance policy is always beneficial, even if you don’t have to make a claim.

Peace of mind is everything when it comes to enjoying your holiday – and travel insurance gives you just that.

Do You Still Need Travel Insurance with an EHIC Card?

If you possess a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you’re entitled to the same level of state-provided medical care as someone who lives in the country you’re visiting. This card is valid in all European Economic Area countries.

However, just because you’re carrying an EHIC – it doesn’t mean that you would not benefit from, or require more extensive travel insurance cover.

For instance, there’s always the possibility that you might not get the same level of local healthcare in Europe that you’d get back at home in the UK.

You’re EHIC only takes into account healthcare insurance – it doesn’t consider loss of personal belongings, for example.

So, it’s wise to still explore the possibility of taking out a separate policy just to ensure that you’re covered across the board. 

What Does Europe Travel Insurance Cover?

Our travel insurance destinations guide demonstrates the way in which insurance providers will allocate their prices for annual cover.

This is broken down broadly by geographical location (with 4 generally being the most expensive and 1 being the least).  

  1. UK
  2. Europe
  3. Worldwide Excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean
  4. Worldwide Including USA, Canada and the Caribbean

A travel insurance policy covering European trips will usually protect you in the event of cancellation and curtailment, loss of personal belongings, any medical expenses and repatriation (to name a few).

An annual multi-trip policy is arguably the best move if you’re planning to visit multiple European countries.

Europe Travel Tips

Besides adequate travel insurance, there are a few things other things that you may wish to bear in mind when travelling in Europe.

Do I Need a Visa for Europe?

Generally speaking, all you need is a valid UK passport to travel as a tourist within countries that are part of the European Union (EU).

Finding the Best Travel Insurance for Europe

With Medical Travel Compared, you can compare quotes for policies covering a variety of European destinations.

You just need to stipulate your intended policy type (single-trip, annual multi-trip) and where you are going on holiday.

Simply provide the dates – and continue on to the next phase of the quote application where we will ask a few questions to determine your medical history.

This enables us to source quotes from the most relevant providers and help you make that all important first step along your travels to Europe.

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