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UK Only Travel Insurance

Travel insurance isn’t an obvious consideration when planning a holiday within the UK, but it’s definitely worthwhile – especially when you have access to a range of insurance providers offering UK only cover.

With Medical Travel Compared, you can search for UK only travel insurance quotes and compare deals in order to get the most suitable cover for you.

With us, you can access a number of quotes in a matter of minutes – and get fully covered ahead of your UK holiday today!

Do I Need Travel Insurance for UK Holidays?

When you consider all the time and money that goes into planning your holidays, you’ll likely soon become aware of the benefits of taking out UK only travel insurance.

You don’t necessarily need it – but you can never plan ahead of any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Whether that’s loss of personal belongings or a last-minute cancellation that wasn’t your fault, few people are aware of the benefits of specialist UK holiday cover.

Above all, it’s peace of mind so that you can enjoy your holiday as you should. Travel insurance for the UK is therefore something you should bear in mind if you’re planning a domestic trip – however big or small.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for the Isle of Man?

The answer to this is yes.

However, Isle of Man holidays are not covered under special UK travel insurance policies.

Why? Because the Isle of Man isn’t actually part of the UK – contrary to common assumption.

The Isle of Man has its own separate healthcare system, and should you need to be flown back to the UK in the event of a medical emergency, you could end up paying for it yourself if you don’t have the right insurance.

Therefore, when searching for travel insurance quotes, it’s important to stipulate the fact that you’re travelling to the Isle of Man – whether that’s a separate trip, or as part of a wider tour including the UK.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for the Channel Islands?

Again, much like the Isle of Man – you’d be forgiven for thinking the Channel Islands such as Jersey and Guernsey are part of the UK.

The Channel Islands are not part of the UK and therefore won’t be covered under a standard UK only policy.

All you need to do is declare specifically which islands you intend to visit before searching in order to get the most suitable cover.

Note: another thing to bear is that European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) are NOT valid in either the Isle of Man or any of the Channel Islands.

What Does UK Travel Insurance Cover?

A standard UK only travel insurance policy is likely to cover you for loss of belongings, medical expenses, personal accident and cancellation to name just a few benefits.

If you were to miss an internal flight, or a ferry, or even a train due to circumstances beyond your control – you’d be more than entitled to put forward a claim if you have specialist UK travel cover on your side.

Again, if the coach company you travel with cancels on you on the last minute, or is delayed for example – you’ll be glad to have taken out this type of policy.

How Much Does UK Travel Insurance Cost?

This depends on what type of policy you decide to take out.

For instance, if you frequently travel around the UK, you might find that you’d benefit more from spending that little bit extra on an annual UK travel insurance policy.

However, if you’re put off by the cost – just know that insurance providers price policies from low-to high based on geographical location.

In this case, UK only holiday insurance would be amongst the cheapest level of basic cover you’d be able to find. So, it’s a small expense for something that could potentially save you a lot of money if any issues arise during your holiday in the UK.

Finding the Best Travel Insurance for UK Holidays

Finding insurance specifically for UK holidays is easy.

At Medical Travel Compared, we work with a number of specialist lenders providing excellent cover at amazing value for customers with pre-existing medical conditions.

All you need to do is declare the UK (and any other relevant places) as your destination of travel to find quotes.

Also, be sure to declare any relevant medical conditions you have and we’ll do our very best to provide you with quotes for UK travel insurance that is most suitable to your needs.

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