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Holiday Insurance for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Whether you live with mild or serve medical conditions, we’re confident if anyone can help you find the right cover at the best available price, it’s us! There’s no need to spend hours completing medical screenings on more than one website. Here at, you can compare travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions from several specialist insurers all at once.

Why Pre-Existing Medical Travel Insurance is Important

Whilst most travel insurance policies include emergency medical expenses and repatriation cover, this does not extend to existing medical conditions unless you have disclosed and obtained cover for them. Healthcare abroad and repatriation can be extremely costly, running into thousands of pounds and should you become unwell on holiday as a result of a previously diagnosed illness, the last thing you will want, is to find you’re not covered and left to foot a hefty bill. Having travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions is the best way to ensure you’re protected in the event of having to cancel the holiday or needing emergency medical attention when away (terms and conditions vary).

What is Classed as a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

A pre-existing condition is any type of medical condition that existed before you take out a policy. When applying for travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions, you will need to complete a process called medical screening. This is where you answer questions about your health. Insurers will want to know about any condition for which you take prescribed medication and any heart, circulatory, respiratory, stroke or cancerous condition that has EVER been diagnosed – it doesn’t matter if these conditions no longer affect your daily living, or if you feel they will not cause you a problem whilst away. Failing to tell your insurer could invalidate the policy. Take a look at our ‘Medical Screening Guide’ for further information.

Costs of Travel Insurance For Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

The base rate for standard holiday insurance is calculated on age, destination and length of time away. The cost of the additional premium to cover existing medical conditions will be determined by the answers you give to the medical screening questions and will reflect the level of cover you require. It’s not about the amount of medical conditions you have but a combination of current health status and the how expensive the healthcare is in the country you’re visiting. Take a look at our ‘Travel Insurance Destinations Guide’ to see which countries can affect your premium.