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Medical Travel Insurance Guides

Here at Medical Travel Compared, our aim is to make the process of finding travel insurance as stress free as possible. So we've published some guides to help clarify how different medical conditions can affect travel insurance. We detail what you have to tell your travel insurer and how to find the best deals so you don't get caught out! Simply click on a title to view:

Asthma Travel Insurance

Although Asthma is a common medical condition, it is not something that is automatically covered with travel insurance. Whether mild or serve, it’s important you declare it when applying for cover.

Cancer Travel Insurance

If you’re living with cancer or have received cancer treatment in the past, this guide provides information on the best ways of obtaining cover for different cancer types and stages.

Breast Cancer Travel Insurance

This guide is specifically for those that are living with or have had breast cancer in the past, and provides information about applying for cover whilst on treatment and what factors will affect the premium. 

Diabetes Travel Insurance

We understand that both Diabetes Type 1 and 2 can have associated medical conditions. We detail the things you should not forget to mention to your travel insurer when you’re diabetic.

Epilepsy Travel Insurance

If you take medication for epilepsy, your insurer will want to know, even if you haven’t had a seizure for some time. Read this guide to understand the epilepsy medical screening process and how epilepsy can affect the price of travel insurance.

Heart Condition Travel Insurance

Angina, Arrthymia, Cardiomyopathy, Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, Heart Murmur, whatever your heart condition, whether you’ve had surgery or not, our guide to heart condition travel insurance will set you on the right path to getting the right cover.

High Blood Pressure Travel Insurance

Whether your blood pressure is under control, or even if you have been prescribed precautionary medication, don’t forget to mention it to your travel insurer. Read this guide to find out why.

HIV Travel Insurance

Read our HIV Travel Insurance Guide to find out how your latest CD4 count and viral load can affect your travel insurance, and where you can find the best travel insurance deals!

Lupus Travel Insurance

Just as lupus rarely affects two people in exactly the same way, this is also true when it comes to getting travel insurance. Our guide explains how to ensure you get the right level of cover for lupus and any associated medical conditions you may be living with. 

Stroke Travel Insurance

Knowing what to tell your travel insurer and how to find suitable cover after a stroke can be dauting. This guide is designed to help stroke suvivors arrange hassle free cover!  

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